Where do you celebrate?

Where do you celebrate?

At first, this seems like a word association game, I say “celebrate”, you say….  However, if we ponder the question of where we should commemorate an occasion, our mind would probably consider many possible venues.  Some of these options may be appropriate for a children’s birthday party, but would hardly be suitable for celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed .  

Is a birthday party better, or more meaningful, depending on the place it is held? Does a somber celebration, such as a wake, seem more appropriate in a more intimate setting, such as your living room?  The paramount consideration when choosing a venue for any event is this: What is most appropriate, not just for the occasion, but for the people involved.

Of course, we all have go-to places that we naturally gravitate toward when planning a gathering.  Often times, the event itself may dictate an obvious answer, such as holding your wedding ceremony at your family’s church, or hosting a baby shower for a friend at her favorite restaurant.  Regardless of the reason for the celebration, it is important to find a venue that is well-suited for the purpose of the event.

Planning a funeral, or memorial celebration for a loved one is often a complicated process.  There are a lot of decisions that need to be made and usually more than one person making them.  The right answer to the question of “where”, is “what would they have wanted?”. Whether it’s a ceremony in a church, a small gathering at a funeral home, or a pot luck on the family farm, choose a venue that reflects the life that your loved one lived so well.


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