How We Help

MyRespects offers a unique platform as a crowd-gifting site, specifically for palliative care, assisted living, medical costs and end of life expenses. 

Forming a memorial fundraiser is an invitation, encouraging a grieving community to gather and pay their respects. This can be done in any way, that enables their path to healing, be that gifting funds, or by sharing photos or memories.

Through partnerships with organizations who provide end of life care and services, MyRespects aims to connect families with not only the support of their loved ones, but also with vetted professionals in their immediate area. 

This multi-faceted approach to crowd-gifting sets MyRespects apart from other funding platforms, providing a free, comprehensive call to action.  

MyRespects understands that caring for elderly or ill loved ones presents many challenges, unique in every experience.  During the most difficult times of your life, MyRespects is your leading resource, helping you invite and secure the social, emotional and financial support necessary to give your loved ones the level of care they deserve.

MyRespects,  Start your fundraiser today.